desktopUnleash your creativity with Studio 13.37 v2!

Studio 13.37 features a hyper-lowlatency realtime kernel that blows both Windows and Mac OSX out of the water, and is designed to run entirely in RAM for the ultimate in performance. Studio 13.37 lets you easily make professional-quality studio recordings, edit video, and create stunning graphics, all without needing to install anything on your computer.

  • 32- or 64- bit realtime kernel
  • all audio production and video editing software built specially for Studio 13.37 v2
  • performance exceeds that achieved by all previous versions
  • hundreds of FX
  • contains 15% Slacko 5.7, tiny RAM-based OS built from Slackware
  • compatible with most Line6 hardware

Revolutionary design

Tweaked for extreme performance, with a fully-integrated studio environment, Studio 13.37 delivers the ultimate in low latency pro audio recording. You’ll be wowed by its speed and responsiveness.

Modular. Runs purely in RAM for max performance. Realtime kernel. Automatic system tuning at boot.

Nobody else gets latency this low – no-one even comes close!

Easy to use

All of the work in setting up a pro audio studio has been done for you. Realtime mode starts with a click. Installation is optional. Take it anywhere.

Does everything

Studio 13.37 comes with a terrific selection of apps for recording, editing, mixing, and mastering – a drum machine, guitar amplifiers, fully-loaded effect racks, synthesizers, MIDI sequencers, WYSIWYG music notation editors, a tuner, a CD/DVD burning app, video and music players, a multimedia converter, video editing and graphics software, and more. Studio 13.37 can also run many Windows applications.

All of what you want, none of what you don’t

Studio 13.37 comes with no spyware, advertising, or other undesirables. It never phones home or mines your data. We believe in your right to privacy. This website is cookie-free with no trackers.

Our guarantee

The usb stick version of our product is backed with a full money-back guarantee.